Hostel Wake Up in Tarifa
Plaza San Hiscio 3

Our hostel — Your hostel

Are you looking for a central place, cheap, recognized with several awards, and with the best environment? — Then look no further, WAKE UP IN TARIFA is your place!

Fachada del Hostel Wake Up in Tarifa

Pisha! What a great Hostel!

Wake Up in Tarifa is the perfect place from where to discover the characteristic humor of our people — Walk its streets, explore its customs, meet its people, smell its smells ...

Discover Corners of the Hostel

And where do we eat?

WAKE UP IN TARIFA has a kitchen for its guests equipped with the necessary comforts to survive.

The Kitchen TOP CHEF

Siesta Time

Sit, talk, watch TV, take a nap, relax ... Feel at home ...

Our Lounge Zzzz